The primary purpose of air conditioners is to remove the heat inside your home or workplace by replacing it with cold air. Air conditioners work by pulling out heat air from your home pushing it to the outside. The air conditioner can produce cold air because of the evaporator coil installed inside the air conditioner. Evaporator coils are set of pipes. The evaporator coil is a specialized pipe which has a special liquid commonly called the refrigerant inside it, which can change a liquid to a gas state as it absorbs the hot air. The refrigerant is then pumped outside bringing the air to another coil which gives up its heat and enables the air to transform back to its liquid form again.

The overall energy that enables the air conditioner to do all these pumping and pulling of heat is through the air conditioner motor. The entire air conditioner unit is known to give three times the power of cooling energy which the compressor needs and uses.

A Brief History

Before the air conditioning system was even invented, the primary source of cool air was to stock tons of big blocks of ice, but this is way more expensive and not ideal because the ice melts easily. Thus you need to have tons of blocks of ice before the entire room gets cold.

Importance of Filters

Almost every air conditioning unit has a built-in filter in it; filters are responsible for filtering the air before the air conditioner emits the cold air. It filters mostly dust, bacteria and airborne substances, which can be harmful to the health. The filters is an important part of the air conditioners because, without it, the air conditioner will be able to emit dusty air particles and substances which can cause theflu, colds, and allergies to the people breathing the air. Cleaning the filter is very simple and easy, all you have to do is to remove the filter from the air conditioner, most filters are very easy to remove; wash away the dust and let the filter dry before returning it inside the air conditioner. Just make sure to turn off the air conditioner while the filter is not inside. Also, make sure the filter is completely dry before you return it because it might damage the air conditioner unit. Always make sure to regularly clean the filters of the air conditioner because too much accumulation of dust particles and substances on the filter will cause the evaporator coil to absorb the particles and eventually will lead to the failure of function of the entire air conditioner unit.

Always Maintain the System

Maintaining the air conditioning unit is also simple and easy especially for those small units; however, for big and large air conditioner units, you need the help of some professionals and experts in air conditioning, you may want to check out with The maintenance should be regular and should be a routine especially when cleaning and changing filters.