Most Common Stains for UK Carpet Cleaning

Does your home or office need carpet cleaning? Hiring a professional company like Why do you need a pro service to clean your carpet and rugs? There are various types of substances that can get imbedded in the fibers and here are some of the main types of stains:

  1. Water-Soluble

This includes items like colas, alcoholic drinks, milk, ice cream, gravy, food dyes, and mud. These are substances that can be dissolved in water. It might seem at first that just cleaning up the carpet or rug with water would remove the stains. Water can help but these items can still cause stains that have to be removed with effective cleaners and sometimes strong chemicals. That’s why it’s advisable to hire a professional carpet-cleaning service to take care of them. That will help to ensure you get better results.

  1. Special Water-Soluble

These are special types of stains because while the substances can also be dissolved in water they can be tougher to get out of carpets and rugs. That’s why it’s especially important to consider hiring a professional company to deal with these items. Some of the items include coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, mustard, and blood.

It’s quite common for these stains to require chemicals with very strong chemicals in order to remove the stains. It also requires the know-how of professionals to get the best results. If you add the wrong types of chemicals/cleaners to the stains you could actually worsen the problem and cause the stains to become more caked into the carpet’s fibers. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Oil, Fat, and Wax

This is another big category of carpet/rug stains that can be tough to get out. They include glue, wax, gum, nail polish, cigarettes, etc. These substances can’t be dissolved in water so they require different cleaners/chemicals to remove. Since they’re non-water soluble they can also be much tougher to remove than water-soluble stains.

It’s again important to consider hiring a professional carpet/rug-cleaning company in order to get the best results. When dealing with these types of stains it can be especially tough because they tend to contain strong chemicals themselves that can more easily get caked into the fibers of a carpet or rug. That’s why you should definitely consider hiring a professional to deal with these kinds of stains.

These are some of the main types of stains that you can experience in your home’s or office’s carpets or rugs. Make sure to hire a professional to help get out the stains. They’ll have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get the best results. On the other hand, if you try to remove the stains yourself it can often result in the stain getting worse. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid as it could require you to replace the carpet or rug sooner or later.

Make sure to pick the right carpet-cleaning company. There are various factors to consider including the training, experience, equipment, location, and other issues. If you select the right company you can make sure that you get the best results getting your carpet/rug cleaned.