Tips for Designing an Exhibit Stand

Aside from buying the best gantry which you may find at, you should also know how to create a stand that will quickly catch the attention of the viewers. Because you will use this stand in displaying your artwork, you should make sure that you can at least do it right. Here are the following tips in designing an exhibition stand that every painter should know about.

Follow a simple layout

As much as possible, you should keep your gantry stand simple yet elegant. You know too well that gantry stand will be placed in areas that receive high traffic from passers-by. Therefore, you should make sure that the design will not overwhelm the artwork itself like what you will see at

You should also focus on the logo as well as the artwork rather than the text itself. Think of your gantry stand as an at-a-glance overview. Minimalism will always bring out the elegance in your artwork.

Provide high-quality images

You should also make sure that you are going to provide high-quality images for the gantry stand. Images with low resolutions may end up looking blurred or unprofessional. In order to avoid any of this from happening, the quality of the image should be considered.

In order to achieve this, you should not only copy some images from your website and print it for your gantry stand. You should consider shooting professional images by an experienced photographer. In that way, you will have a wide variety of high-quality images to choose from.

Make sure the image answers questions

Considering the fact that you will display it in an exhibit show, then you should make sure that the image you are going to display will automatically answer the questions of your customers. You can put some texts on the image or let the illustration itself explain. In that way, your potential customers will not only stop to appreciate the great shot but the information that they could gather as well.

Provide contact information

You should also consider providing contact information especially if you are really active on your website and social media pages such as in In that way, your potential customers will further understand what your company can offer and why they should choose your products or services. The contact information can be placed at the very bottom of the display.

Aside from that, make sure that you have something that will make your customers remember you. A trademark should be always present if you want to catch the interest of your customers.

There you go. Follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll be able to design your gantry stand accordingly. An exhibit or trade show will offer you rare opportunities and great chances to expound your business. Therefore, you should make the most out of it and start it with designing your gantry stand and choosing the right image that should be displayed as for the representative of your company in the trade show. What are you waiting for? Browse gantry stands now!