A combi (or combination) boilers are a type of boiler in which gas is used for both high efficiency domestic water heater and central heating boiler within one compact unit. A combi boiler with www.boilerreplacement.net is an ingenious space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes. They are easy to install, simple to use and economical to run. Installing a combi boiler might be a onetime hassle but your boiler still needs to be serviced every now and then, especially if you are experiencing strange noises or temperature fluctuations.

How does a combi boiler work?

The conventional arrangement of a boiler with www.boilerreplacement.net is to have a normal boiler that heats up the radiator through a sealed water circuit. To heat the water the storage cylinder has a hot coil in it through which the radiator water flows.  A combi boiler heats the water only when a hot tap or shower is turned on.  This ensures maximum efficiency of the boiler. The hot water is delivered to the taps with pressure so that you can enjoy your shower.

Why install a combi Boiler?

  1. A combi heater incorporates hot water being conveyed through your taps or shower at mains pressure.
  2. Combi boilers are available in gas, electricity or oil depending on your fuel preference. Your combi boiler doubles as a central heating unit by adding a radiator.
  3. The combi boiler doesn’t require a bulky storage cylinder and can easily fit into most kitchens or storage cupboards, making them the ideal system for houses with limited space.
  4. Combi boilers are reliable. They are manufactured using proven technology.
  5. Combi boilers are convenient and easy to use.
  6. Another combi boiler benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs, since no tank in the roof space means less pipe work and a shorter installation time
  7. Unlike the conventional boiler, combi boilers provide on-demand heating to your radiators and domestic hot water.
  8. Combination boilers are also versatile because they take care of your central heating as well as your hot water supplies.

It is economical and practical. These high efficiency boilers reduce your energy bills.

Installing a combi boiler with www.boilerreplacement.net can be a bit difficult because the system gets added to your water mains but they are much more likely to fit into your home because of their smaller size. The installation can also be a bit more costly than system boilers that can simply be connected to an old boiler system.

Boilers can last up to 15 years and if your boiler is reaching that age then it’s time to get a new one. To ensure the best lifespan annual services and maintenance is mandatory. But the older they get the risk of malfunctions increases especially if the initial installation was not done correctly.

Purchasing a new combi boiler is one thing, but installing it is a whole different story. While you can always hire someone to perform the new combi boiler installation for you, taking the DIY approach can save you quite a bit of money. But before you actually dive in and to start installing, there are different factors that you’ll need to consider.

The first is that combi boilers are relatively compact, so they’re perfect for smaller spaces. But this can also make the installation aspect of it a bit trickier too. Second, you will need to consider whether or not you want to purchase a fitter separate from the manufacturer, or simply purchase it as an “all-in-one” option. If you aren’t sure on how to install a combi boiler then it might be wise to invest in a secure installation company because you could end up damaging your newly bought combi boiler. If you absolutely have your heart on installing the boiler yourself then you need to do proper research on the correct installation techniques.