Do you know what a Septic tank is? The working of the septic tanks goes like this. The septic tanks consist of two-three chamber system that will collect all unwanted sewage and oils after separating the water to contain the toxic waste and have it placed in a secure area before the dumping process. The process where the waste enters the tank then solidified, and the solidified waste will turn to sludge. The sludge will be broken down thanks to the bacteria that gathered in the tank. After all that, it will be send through to the drainage system, taking note of the risk of polluting the surface and the water resources, but this process will ensure the elimination of any other traces of waste.

While the cesspit is in the same way as the septic tank but there is only one chamber instead of a few more. The process is less the same, but it is only one chamber tank. All the waste will undergo the same process and after that will enter the drainage system that will spread on the ground. Now the cesspit will be emptied out once a year to avoid clogging.

Now that you understand the differences between these two types, you will surely understand that separating oil and water from each other will likely be effective from having any pollution leaking out. After all, it has become getting worse as the years passed by, that many factories and manufacturing business started to sprout out from different areas, including the location that is near the water. It is important to have it installed into your factories to ensure the safety from all the animals and humankind. After all, health is important and another number one priority to everybody and knowing the fact that the world is getting sicker everyday but with this, this is the solution that will solve one of the man’s common problems.

People has become neglectful from their actions as of late and knowing that having a septic tank or a cesspit will at least improve.  According to the water and oil is a common problem and it is required from those two to be separate and have the water to undergo a process where it is needed to be filtered, cleaned and purified before it is released to the pipes where people will find it safe to drink it and use it for their benefits.While the remaining oil will be stored and contained until it’s released without having it spilled anywhere else that might bring a dangerous reaction.

But this is no permanent solution said the line from, there will always be another way to pollute the water. But that doesn’t mean that this style of solution doesn’t work. Everybody has already applied to this because it is effective. Having to install that type of system will surely make the world a better place because these two are the tools that you need to ensure safe and clean work.